simplicitySimplicity Hair Extensions are Simple, Safe and Fast!

Simplicity Hair Extensions are made of 100% human hair that has been ventilated (hand tied) into a polyurethane strip and lined with medical grade adhesive. This patented technology makes for a truly simple application like no other on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and range of colors, it has never been easier to produce length, volume, and damage-free hair color.

As a hair stylist or salon owner, you know that the more time you have, the more clients you are able to service. Let Simplicity Hair Extensions provide your clients with comfortable, versatile extensions and you with a highly profitable, time-saving service!

With roots in the medical hair replacement industry, Simplicity Hair Extensions offers a Simple, Safe, Fast alternative to clients who do not wish to wear traditional hair extensions that require weaving, bonding, or glues. Our medical grade adhesive has been tried and tested in the market, and clients agree Simplicity Hair Extensions are “So comfortable she’ll forget she is wearing them”.





Short2long’s hair extension system is the strongest and safest methods on the market. Short2Long uses 2 methods of applying the highest quality hair extensions in the world. Using no heat, glue, or chemicals our system is easy to install and remove by your styling professional. Our hair extensions are applied with the highest quality, 100% natural human hair available in the market today and are produced exclusively in the United States. They are applied with the exclusive Strand by Strand Method or Tape In Extensions Method. Short2long extensions wear like your own natural hair causing no damage! In fact, it allows your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process. Plus each method is completely reusable!

Choosing the correct method is extremely important and with two methods to choose from, you professional stylist can help you choose the Short2Long system that is best for you! Your stylists will look at a variety of factors in choosing which will work best! They will look at your hair texture, the thickness of your hair as well as your lifestyle and hair care routine! These are all things to consider when choosing which hair extensions method is best for you!